The Nomad Pack

We’re a pack of two two-legged nomads – Fredrik and Veronica Håård – and two four legged – Gordon and Pedro – out travelling, spending summers exploring islands and the coasts of Scandinavia onboard our sailing boat Alvilda, and winters wherever there is work or (more likely) road tripping in our car with a rooftop tent, camping our way south until we find pleasant temperatures and a place to winter while working remote.

This blog will be our personal journal and we will publish short posts from our adventures – it can be small things that we care about and find interesting, professional or personal. It will also serve as a public log book when out sailing or road tripping.

We will write about travelling Europe with dogs while working remote, things that make our life easier, experiences in different countries, dog friendly places, nice food and wine experiences, interesting street art and historic buildings, nice walks and lovely areas to explore. We will also write about the remote work that we do, about life as a remote worker, freelancer and independent developers.

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