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Veronica work with “The Dog Friendly Guide” and the free apps “” (for English speaking users) & “” (for Swedish speaking users) that simply help dog owners to gather, find and explore establishments that welcome dogs indoors – such as hotels & accomodations, bars & pubs, restaurants and cafées.

Recommend a dog friendly establishment?

Do you have an establishment that welcome guests with dogs indoors (café, restaurant, pub, bar, hotel or accomodation) please recommend it here:!add (it is free to be listed in the apps bringthedog and tamedhunden)

A dog friendly sticker on your door entrance?

Do you want to show your guests you welcome guests with dogs indoors at your establishment? Order a free sticker here:!sticker_form

Do you want new customers?

Veronica can help you with brand visibility, ads and dog friendly offers on the start screen or at listed establishment’s info pages in the apps tamedhunden and bringthedog in the dog friendly guide? The apps “bringthedog” and “tamedhunden” have over 15 thousands unique users á month and 145 thousands page views á month. Veronica can help you with both ad design, visibility and to help you gain traffic to your own site in order for users to do bookings or buy your products or services. Please send an email to Veronica and she will get back to you with recommendations of visibility pakages and help you out with ideas, info and answers to your questions:

The free web app / homepage (in English) (in Swedish)

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Start using the dog friendly app & bring your furry friend!

To start using the app bringthedog you can simply read the QR code below with an “qr-reader-app” in your phone to reach the place where you can download the app bringthedog (tamedhunden) or use the webbapp;

The free android app

If you don´t want to use the QR code you can download the bringthedog app at Google Play here:

The free iOS app

Dowload app at App Store here: