Travelling while working

Travelling should be fun, easy and smooth. We like to travel and explore new areas with the dogs and we use certain services to make it easier for us to combine travelling with the dogs Gordon & Pedro and working remote.

Van life with dogs in Grankan = ❤

In march 2021 the whole pack moved into a Wolkswagen Grand California 680 4M 2021 named Grankan. The best thing ever for us and the dogs! A tiny home on wheels – a perfect match for our way of living! We sold the Wolkswagen Sharan, the roof top tent and our sailing boat Alvilda and went off on adventures in Sweden for 6 months. In October 2021 we left the Swedish borders for west Europe beginning with Germany and France. With the RV we does’nt have to care a about heavy rain or very windy weather. Feels great!

Camping with the dogs in a car with a rooftop tent

Earlier we had a Wolkswagen Sharan with a roof top tent and when the weather was nice we prefered camping with the dogs.

Our car (WV Sharan) called “Kärran” and our roof top tent (Outback 145) called “Takvåningen” with parts of the annex attached. A camping spot in northeastern Spain. We were not allowed to put up the whole side tent so we just used some parts of it to get a tarp.

We avoided camping when it was very windy, chilly and or when a heavy rain were to expect. We used the app called “Windy” to get good weather forecasts.

To see if there were any interesting camping spots for us with the dogs we used certain apps such as “Searchforsites”, “CamperContact” and “Park4Night”. Now we also use the app “Stellplatz”. The apps gave us possibility to choose suitable camping spots depending on the weather since we often saw if the spots offered grass or gravel. We only putted up the annex tent at grass or gravel. The annex tent was easy attached to the rooftop tent but needed to be tied down with straps or you could put stones on the lower parts of it. It gave us an extra room for working, relaxing and cooking. 

Booking a short stay just before checking in

Previously when we were weather dependent we often used the app to book a short stay just a few hours before we wanted to check in when the weather wasn’t nice for camping – very windy or heavy rain. We used “pets allowed” in the filter to narrow it down and only to see the dog friendly hotels on the map and we were careful which one we picked. Reading the reviews first – both the negative and the positive feedback. We were also trying to give truth telling reviews ourselves to help others to know what to expect and get a nice experience.

Booking a longer stay for relaxation

When we wanted to book a bit longer stay we often used AirBnB, e.g. for a week end or for a couple of months. You often got a discount when you booked a longer stay such as a week, a month or a couple of months. To see if a stay offers a discount you can choose “Contact host” when exploring a certain stay and then look at “Prices and Availability”. Sometimes the host offers 5% discount when you book longer than a week, 10% or up to 30 % when booking longer than a month. We often choosed Superhosts to get a pleasant stay.

House- & Petsitting and get a free stay

If you would like to combine travelling around the world with house- and pet sitting and get free accommodation you could join the community of TrustedHouseSitters. We joined in 2018 and before the pandemic we thought it was great and could really recommend it. It was a very nice way to explore a new area and get to know wonderful pets and house owners. A big bonus is that you get free accommodation when you take care of someone else pets and house while they travel.

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