Midsummer at Åland

The first proper post of the blog will be a log – we’re just getting the blog going, so stay tuned for more. If you want to, you can follow The Nomad Pack via a button to the right here. You can also subscribe to get notified when we post new updates.

We sailed from Mariehamn through the Lemström channel to the guest harbour in Notviken. Good shelter for all winds except from the north. The bridge in the Lemström channel is only three meters high but opens each hour between 8-22. We were there 15 min before it would open and everything went smooth. There were no place to moor temporarily in the channel.

Lots of sun, 23 C degrees in the air and 6 m/s and 12 in the gusts. Four hours later we moored in the early evening to walk the dogs and start cooking the traditional Swedish midsummer dinner. V took a swim from the boat later in the evening in 18 C degrees. We went up to see the historic remains of the fortress of Bomarsund – huge ruins of a Russian fortress, with a very nice view from the towers.

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