Sudden detour

Mariehamn, Åland, as seen from above

Instead of the two interviews I (Fredrik) had planned while in Nagu, I only did one on the 23rd, the contract was signed on the 24th, and (after some hectic booking and scheduling) on the 28th I flew out to New York to start a new gig. Well – I say flew, but I took a taxi, on a boat, to a train, to the airport in Helsinki, flew from there to Stockholm, and finally to Newark and arrived late Sunday evening in New York.

First time in New York for me, although I’ve transferred at Newark several times. Over the week I did not do much sightseeing – wakeup 0500 (jetlag), work, breakfast, work, go to the office, more work, dinner, bed, wakeup at 0500 and repeat. However, I flew out on Saturday afternoon, so on Saturday morning I took the time to visit the Guggenheim and take a walk in Central Park.

After a good but exhausting week I flew, went by rail, taxi and boat back to Nagu, and it was nice to be back in a calm Finnish harbour after the hustle of Manhattan. While I was gone, high season had also passed, so while there was parties all night long in the guest harbour before I left, I came back to a nice, quiet little harbour in the Åbo archipelago. Of course, having ‘wasted’ a week and a half not moving, we now had to start moving north and east for our eventual return to Öregrund, Sweden, before winter.

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